Monitoring Cube

Monitoring Cube


The Monitoring Cube is a network flows visualization tool. The concept originates from The Spinning Cube of Potential Doom by Stephen Lau, and has already been re-used within different projects.

The main idea of the cube is to visualize networks flows in a 3D space: a flow is displayed as a point in the cube. Projection on the blue axis gives the source IP of the flow whereas the projection on the red axis gives the destination IP and green axis the destination port of the flow.

cube legend

The Monitoring Cube specific functionality is its ability to interface with Argus monitoring tool which allows you to real-time monitor your network activities. It also embeds analysis functions that allow you to select and exploit displayed data.



Linux and Windows sources : moncube-1.3.0.tgz
Those files are distributed under CeCILL v2 license.

For bugs, comments and suggestions, please email us.


A binary version for Windows is available :

It contains a full log file of 1500000 events so you can test the cube. Download the archive (24GB), uncompress it (260GB), and run moncube.exe. Program parameters can be changed in the parsecube.ini file.

The Windows version of MonCube can not read Argus logs. It is a text-file parser, so you must extract your logs as a text file and customize parsecube.ini to match your log format.


  • january 2010
    • Website opening and first public release of the cube.
  • may 2010
    • New 1.2.3 version: bugfix release, fix some compilation directives under Linux (use Argus compilation options for racube, define NDEBUG for kazlib)
  • november 2014
    • version 1.3.0
      • works with argus 3.0.8
      • fix missing libglu dependencies in makefiles (thanks to Francis Hulin-Hubard)
      • improved stability (fix memory fragmentation)
      • fix timeline display mode


For installation instructions, please read the INSTALL file contained in the source archive.

Pre-requisites :

  • MonCube needs the FreeGlut library (and a good 3D drivers for your video card).
  • In order to compile the racube argus client, you must compile argus sources for your system. Then use the following option when you configure racube:
      ./configure --with-argus=/usr/local/src/argus-client-3.0.8 && make

    racube is created under bin directory, it uses the same options as any argus client. Cube-specific options are passed using the -M flag (see racube -h for help).


  • Video :
    You need javascript & flash plugin enabled to see this video online, but you can download the video to see it on your system (you can use VLC media player to read the file).

Using the cube

MonCube keymap

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